My job

I work in these areas: (click to see in detail)

Sometimes I do tasks on the following areas:

Finance & Accounting
Operations / Procedures


  • Brand and product management
  • Designing, implementing and managing advertising, promotion and pricing strategies
  • Sales analysis
  • Designing strategies aimed at increasing revenue
  • New Product and Brand Launch strategy design and implementation
  • Designing marketing plans with SMART objectives
  • Managing marketing strategy and activities
  • Event organization and management
  • Managing relationships with agencies and developing RFP and briefings
  • Market research
My job

Digital Marketing

  • Designing and implementing online strategy
  • Content strategy development
  • Content development
  • Website and online presence analysis
  • Designing and managing campaigns:
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM AdWords)
    • Display and remarketing advertising (AdWords & Facebook)
    • Relationship with opinion leaders
    • Email marketing
    • Social media management (community manager)
  • Online events promotion, development and management
  • Web design and programming
My job


  • SMART strategic objectives definition
  • Designing strategic paths, action plans and strategic agenda
  • Market Analysis
  • Internal resources and capacities analysis
  • Defining Key Success Factors and Key Result Areas
  • Mission, Vision and Strategic Values design
  • Defining Key Performance Indicators and control milestones
My job


  • Analysing and listening to the clients in search of needs
  • Customer service and problem solving
  • Managing relationship with customer in order to increase satisfaction
  • Search potential clients
  • Developing sales leads
  • Presenting products and solutions aligned with their needs
  • Making calls and visits to establish sales meetings
  • Developing sales proposals
  • Customer analysis to increase sales and satisfaction (cross-selling, up-selling)
My job